aaeaaqaaaaaaaayqaaaajgzhzmu4otdhlthlndatngm1mc1imdzllwvkyzmyodgymdcznw2 Roger Vandomme, Chief Data Scientist and Principal, Saint Michael Consulting Inc., Toronto, Canada

Saint Michael Consulting Inc., Toronto Canada

Core Competencies
– Global multicultural business executive with solid expertise in strategic planning. Over 10 years experience in credit risk management and decision making support. In-depth knowledge of large database management, analysis and modeling. Ability to think strategically and address risk and issues associated with cross functional reorganization and new technologies.
– Comfortable with uncertainty, start up and fast growing environment.
– Quickly assess new situations and visualize appropriate problem-solving approaches.
– Transparent team building and proven leadership in crisis situations.
– Skillful public speaker. Ability to make complex concepts easily comprehensible.

A thorough analysis of internal and external data will help better understand your business. It will identify where the money is coming from and where it is going to, the customer segments sources of growth and the profitable product portfolios. Moving from data to information to knowledge will represent a true power in helping you to make better educated business decisions.
As an independent international consultant with a strong background in business and military leadership involving credit risk management, predictive mathematical models, commercial credit risk policies, turning around commercial businesses and military intelligence, I have successfully completed assignments in organizations around the world.

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